Exhibitor Quotes

"Noova is an Italian brand of fashion sneakers featuring ultra-light soles and the use of water-proof reflective nylons in the uppers. Looking to open up new markets beyond Italy, we have joined CENTRESTAGE with the objective of building a distribution network in Asia, allowing us to sell our products at top-tier multi-brand stores. This has been our first endeavour in Asian region. Being the first-time exhibitor at the show, we have displayed our main collection alongside a capsule collection with RZ Studio Milano designed by Roberto Zampiero who is with me at the fairground.Thanks to the HKTDC, some business matching meetings with buyers from Beijing, Guangzhou and other Mainland China cities are arranged during the event days. A tour comprising Italian buyers led by the organiser visited us this morning on the inaugural day. Roberto and I were happy to meet with our existing clients again at CENTRESTAGE. We also met with some walk-in visitors coming from Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. They have a strong interest in products designed and made in Italy. Our choice of nylon material as a strong selling point also counts. With an appealing venue decoration, CENTRESTAGE offers a good environment and atmosphere for making business. In a nutshell, we are satisfied with the overall quality of exhibitors here." 

Enrico Ferri, Head of Marketing,

Noova, Italy

"Established in 2015, MEIKING NG is a homegrown contemporary womenswear label which has participated in CENTRESTAGE annually since its inception four years ago. The show is scheduled ahead of other fashion events in the new season. As a Hong Kong designer, I enjoy the home advantage that I can always grasp the opportunity to release my latest collection at the signature Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show, which is a desirable event to gain media exposure. This year, the HKTDC is doing a good job to launch a more extensive publicity campaign for the show. Thanks to the host, business matching meetings with buyers from Ningxia and Wuhan of Mainland China and Italy are arranged for me. A walk-in visitor from an upscale department store of Paris shows a strong interest in my sunglasses collection. Building connections is a step closer to making co-operations." 

June Ng, Founder and Chief Designer,


"Established in 2015, we are one of the leading showrooms in Shanghai. With a mission to identify on-trend, saleable and profitable products, showrooms play a key role to attract buyers in any fashion events. Returned to CENTRESTAGE for the third time in a row, we continue to introduce new labels from Mainland China and overseas to buyers. Last year, bulk orders were received after trial orders from mainland buyers were placed at this show. This year, Hades Pluto, Annexion, Comme Le Vent and some other brands showcased their Spring/Summer 2020 Collection here. Our showroom has introduced a group of mainland buyers to CENTRESTAGE for business matching. As one of the highlighted brands at our showroom, a virtual apparel platform AnnEleven which specialises in personalised apparel received orders.” 

Kimi Fan, CEO,

RV-PRO Showroom, Mainland China


“NORBLACK NORWHITE was born out of our love for Indian textiles. Our collections range from menswear, womenswear, streetwear to gender neutral apparel, featuring a broad selection of fabric-manipulated products that are hand-woven, hand-dyed and hand printed etc. Staged in Hong Kong, CENTRESTAGE was highly recommended by a friend who deals with buyers all the time, so we want to be part of the event. On its first day, I was already packed with appointments arranged by the HKTDC business matching service. Many walk-in buyers were also attracted to Indian textiles and Made-in-India products. I am extremely glad to have established strong connections with global buyers from France, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Many of them expressed their strong interest in our products and wanted to make a deal. The show is truly international and well-organised. The HKTDC staffers have been very helpful. I feel that our brand is part of the event.” 

Aamina Simone, Business Development Executive,


“Headquartered in the Gangdong area of Seoul, L.AND is a cooperative association of young fashion designers. The organisation houses four leather brands including ELESS, VENTO, eeeun and TEMP°S, which primarily offer bags and other leather products. I am the designer of TEMP°S, which specialises in handbags and messenger bags. Participating in CENTRESTAGE is L.AND's first overseas endeavour to open up markets outside Korea. Before the show, we learned from many Korean designers about the fame of CENTRESTAGE and its reputation as the premier platform for Korean brands to open up market access in Mainland China. There are quite a few Korean brands at the fairground, but they are mostly apparel brands. Therefore, we are confident that our bag labels can stand out in the show. As one of the new-comers, we wish to meet with more buyers in addition to exploring new markets and taste of consumers. Building successful connections with local retailers would be an added bonus. So far we have met with some walk-in buyers from Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and the Mainland China. Others are from Germany, Holland, Malaysia and Taiwan through the HKTDC business matching service. The buyer from Holland, in particular, shows strong interest towards the products of eeeun and find the texture of materials appealing. It was highly appreciated that the HKTDC staffers offered immediate on-site support to us whenever we needed help.”  

Joanne Jeon, Director,

TEMP°S and L.AND, Korea

“As a music teacher-turned-designer, I find fashion design, especially tailoring wedding gowns, is where my passion and talent lies. Focusing on bridal wear, my brand Brian Chen Bridal was established in 2015. So far I have launched five collections across the global market in Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. Each of the collection and pieces are named after different music notes, and this approach is highly endorsed in the European market. Hong Kong is an international city and an ideal platform to meet with global buyers. Aside from participating in the HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter, I have signed up for CENTRESTAGE for two straight years where the show gathers abundant of fashion buyers. It is normal for European buyers to shortlist brands that revisit the same exhibition every year, and this explains my presence here. Last year, I got to know an e-tailer from the United Kingdom and a sole agency from the Middle East. We are still in the process of negotiation to work out contract details. The host also help arranged several business matching meetings last year, and I expect some line-ups with agents from Europe, Middle East and the United States this year. This morning, I met with some Italian buyers from the tour led by the HKTDC and a buyer from an Iranian agency. My collection will be shown at the fashion parade this afternoon and at the Grand Show on the third day, which are the valuable opportunities to gain media exposure.” 

Brian Chen, Founder and Designer,

Brian Chen Bridal, Taiwan

“Established in London in 2018, the womenswear brand CELLO SONATA has relocated to Shanghai for business development. Looking to make inroads into the European and the United States markets, we decided to participate in CENTRESTAGE which is our first fashion event outside Mainland China. I was pretty busy throughout the inaugural day. I met with some walk-in buyers from France, Italy and the US as well as a German buyer via the HKTDC business matching service. Representing either the upmarket department store or multi-brand store, they have expressed their intentions for cooperation. Some mainland buyers from Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai and Xian also requested a quotations of my collection. CENTRESTAGE is a good platform for business, and I would consider introducing my menswear label Basic Operation here next year.” 

Zhang Ying, Director and Designer,

CELLO SONATA, Mainland China

“Just established this year, VVISSI is a sustainable fashion brand for social good supported by fabric factories. Championing a circular economy, we have debuted our first-ever collection comprising of upcycled and recycled fashion, apparel made of high-quality organic cotton from Japan, print-on-demand shirts, patchwork designs and other chic items at CENTRESTAGE. Prior to my startup adventure, I worked for a local fashion brand which has been a frequent exhibitor at CENTRESTAGE where real business deals can be concluded and impacts can be made. This explains my presence here this year. Drawing international buyers, the show is a good platform for me to launch my label. I have also met with buyers from morning organised tours and at business matching meetings. Buyers of the world-famous upscale department store and select shop from Paris have already expressed their strong interest in placing orders with my brand. There are also other prospective buyers from Malaysia, Shenzhen of Mainland China and Vietnam. One of them runs an online shop. HKTDC is very supportive in driving traffic and fostering connections for exhibitors.”  

Vickie Au, Founder,

VVISSI, Hong Kong

“Started as an activewear brand in Macao, ANIFA has been selling its products in Mainland China via a network of select shops. The brand will soon open a crossover store with the famed English footballer Michael Owen in Macao. ANIFA has recently revised its strategy and now repositioned itself as a specialist in sports suits which have been the highly popular items among our merchandise. At CENTRESTAGE, the line of sports suits for men is in focus, and this strategy works. Our new designs have garnered the attention of some walk-in buyers representing Japanese and French department stores in Indonesia where functional fashion and chic sportswear are in hot demand. However, such brands and products are rarely found locally. They have requested a line sheet from us, indicating their strong interest in purchasing. We also met another buyer from Mainland China running over 500 shoe stores nationwide. We have talked for few hours exploring the possibility of forming a partnership. He will pay a visit to my office after the show. This year, CENTRESTAGE has attracted more suitable buyers who are keen to have a more in-depth conversation with us.”        

Simon Kuong, Founder & CEO,

ANIFA Corporation Limited, Macao

“Founded in 2016, I.N.K named after the initial of two founders, Inky Leong and Kris Chan, is a brand glorifying Macao's culture. I.N.K is also a poetic brand name implying the transformability of ink into different shapes. We have participated in CENTRESTAGE for the third year in a row. This year, our collection "RHAPSODY" featuring ethnic elements is showcased at the fairground and on the runway show. The runway presentation is best for image building and publicity. As a truly international event, CENTRESTAGE has drawn many keen buyers from around the globe. Over the past editions, orders were placed from the select shops and multi-brand stores of Germany, and Fujian and Shanghai of Mainland China. In the HKTDC matching meetings, the buyers we met with are very professional that they have a clear idea of what they really want. They always update us with valuable market trends and customers' preferences. This year, we are lined up with buyers from Belarus, Germany and Taiwan who have shown their strong enthusiasm in purchasing our products. We have arranged our line sheet and catalogue to them.”  

Kris Chan, Co-founder and Brand Design Director,

I.N.K, Macao