"Having participated in the show for three straight years, I have noted the continuous progress of CENTRESTAGE and its growing significance as one of the key annual events in the fashion calendar. Buyers and my VIP customers are excited to have the first glimpse of my latest collection presented on the runway at CENTRESTAGE. Last year, we met a mainland buyer from a multi-brand store here and then we concluded the deal in Shanghai. As a Hong Kong brand, we have the home advantage to debut new designs at CENTRESTAGE which is strategically scheduled at the start of the buying season."


Polly Ho, Designer
LOOM LOOP, Hong Kong

"With a long history in Italy since 1953, ANNECLAIRE is a womenswear label with its production entirely in our home country. Already having business exposure in Korea and Japan, we take a one step further to open up market in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland through our first participation in CENTRESTAGE where we will meet with potential retailers and manufacturing licensees through the HKTDC business matching service. At CENTRESTAGE, the mix of exhibitors is diverse that we can see many different and all-season collections of various categories from lots of countries and places. I find that the show is very international, as a group of German and other European buyers came to visit our booth. Some of our pieces are displayed at FASHIONALLY Street which offers us a good opportunity to promote our brand."


Massimiliano Chiecchio, Marketing Manager,

"We are a Korean organisation with a mission to take young designers' labels to overseas markets. Through the HKTDC's Seoul office, we came to know CENTRESTAGE as an international event exclusive for original and licensed brands. That's why we come here with our 13 Korean brands on a high expectation of Hong Kong as a fashion metropolis in the globe that may take emerging brands to worldwide markets. An average of 5 to 6 meetings with buyers are set up for each brand. A brief introduction of our role and the brands was made during the buyers' tour this morning. I am satisfied with the overall arrangement. The venue is nice and spacious where we are delighted to enjoy the scenic harbour view."


Park Yeon Joo, Director,
Gyeonggi Fashion Creative Studio /
Council of Fashion Designers of Korea, Korea

"Last year I attended the show as a visitor. At its third edition, our association has introduced a selection of Italian brands at CENTRESTAGE. It is notable that the show keeps growing in terms of scale and its importance as an event in the Asia-Pacific region. The role of Hong Kong as the regional hub is shown through the presence of worldwide buyers here. Although the show is young, the HKTDC has rich experience and a strong commitment in organising international events. CENTRESTAGE is well-positioned as the event exclusive for fashion brands that primarily target potential buyers from department stores and multi-brand stores. The show is well-organised where we can see lots of effort contributed from the host."


Alberto Scaccioni, CEO,

"A united effort by Berlin Showroom, the Austrian Fashion Association and Mode Suisse, DACH Showroom is committed to taking young, emerging and established designers' brands from Austria, Germany and Switzerland to the world stage of fashion. Hong Kong is the first stop for us to explore opportunities and partnerships outside Europe. At CENTRESTAGE, we are happy with the networking arrangement that buyers' tours came to our booth to learn about our showroom, project and designers' brands. Some buyers revisited us for more information. Thanks to the business matching service, a New York buyer of boutique stores had already selected some styles from one of our brands, and he will soon place his final order after the catalogue of the full collection is sent to him. We also met some buyers from Italian multi-brand stores which carry well-known labels as well as Chinese buyers of both physical and online stores."


Nada Lahjomri, Showroom Manager,
AFA Agency / Dach Showroom, Europe

"Established in 2016, CLÁSSICO MODERNO is a menswear brand offering both formal and runway collections. As one of the many emerging brands in Macao, we are eager to participate in any large-scale show like CENTRESTAGE. Last year I was a visitor here and the event was highly recommended by counterparts who reaped the benefits from business matching meetings where they met with professional and serious buyers from Europe and mainland China (the Chinese mainland). Therefore, we have a high expectation on the pre-arranged meetings through the HKTDC. As a visitor last year and an exhibitor this year, I have been pretty impressed with the show's annual theme which created a good vibe for photo-taking. CENTRESTAGE features a string of runway shows and seminars which are complementary with fashion displays at the booths. We can take interested buyers to our runway show in order to give them the idea of different mix-and-match styles. All in all, the event is comprehensive."


Victor Lao, Creative Director

CENTRESTAGE is a good platform for Macao brands to introduce and promote themselves to the world. We have been here for the second time. This year, we have debuted our crossover collection with the US brand SHARK Sport Watch. As part of the lifestyle, timepieces and fashion are closely related categories. Therefore, both of us have taken this opportunity to debut our crossover line of watches and apparel at CENTRESTAGE and Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair. Concurrently held under the same roof, these two events apparently show strong synergy.


Vincent Cheang, Founder

Having participated in the show for three years in a row, we keep coming back to CENTRESTAGE to introduce our French chic, sophistication and elegance to Asian women. Through which, we got a client from an upscale chain department store located in Beijing and Shanghai. One of our existing high-end clients in Hong Kong always comes here to select new styles from our latest collection, as CENTRESTAGE is scheduled ahead of other fashion events in the buying season. Buyers attend the show to have a preview of latest collections, so suppliers can have more time in preparation for actual production.


Edward Achour, Founder
Edward Achour Paris, France

In the first year at CENTRESTAGE, we met with DOXA, the Swiss brand exhibiting at the HKTDC Watch and Clock Fair concurrently held under the same roof. I took the initiative to make a crossover collection of pair watches with the Swiss brand, enabling my customers to mix-and-match with different gown designs. We made our comeback with the launch of our latest crossover collection this year. I also get a good chance to present my views on upcoming trends at the seminar namely "Fashion, Watch and Jewellery: Their Irresistible Relationship". CENTRESTAGE apparently grows up with a definite image: an event for original and licensed brands. So, it attracts buyers around the globe, especially from emerging markets like the Chinese mainland and South East Asian countries, to come here for spotting new brands. The zonal arrangement of brands also allows buyers to reach their target brands easily. 


Dorian Ho, CEO & Creative Director
Dorian International Limited, Hong Kong

Our association launched the "World Star Designer Project" last year with the initiative of supporting five outstanding Korean brands to go global. Major international cities including Hong Kong, Paris, Shanghai and New York are definitely among our destinations. Some emerging markets like Thailand and Australia are also on our list. This explains why we line up here for the first time at CENTRESTAGE which is a truly international event with worldwide buyers in attendance. On the first day, our designers have already met with some buyers and more upcoming meetings with various buyers representing department stores, multi-brand stores, select shops or showrooms from the Chinese mainland, Europe and the US are arranged. Our Korean brands also get the chance to promote new collections on therunway during the show. Thanks to the PR and marketing support from the HKTDC, publicity is essential to the success of fashion brands.


Young Soo Park, Division Director, Business Division 1
Korean Fashion Association, Korea

Run by the Korean Apparel Industry Association, LEDÔME Showroom was established with the mission of nurturing homegrown designer's brands made in Korea. In other words, designer's brands receive orders overseas and then assign production jobs to local high-end manufacturers. This is our first time being here, as positive comments on the first two editions of CENTRESTAGE were spread by the word-of-mouth from Korean buyers and exhibitors. The show
has been well-positioned with a focus on promoting fashion brands that have drawn reliable buyers of target sales channels to the fairground. Hong Kong embraces fashion diversity, making the city a gateway for marketing campaigns. At CENTRESTAGE, we met buyers from Europe, Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. We value buyers from Hong Kong department stores, as they cherish
long-term business relationship.


Mitch Kim, Sales Manager
Ledôme K-Fashion Showroom / Ledôme Showroom, Korea

ANIFA is a brand of fashion sportswear from Macao featuringthe use of functional fabrics with high quality. At the first two editions, I was a visitor here where I found CENTRESTAGE, with an emphasis on original and licensed brands, was a truly fashion event. This year, we are one of the exhibitors, as some of our first lines are ready to go global. Thanks to the arrangement by the organiser, we are pretty impressed with the onsite setup, theme setting, media coverage and scheduled business meetings as well as a bigger scale this year. Our brand is built on the image, which is something in common with "TOMORROW LAB", the CENTRESTAGE's theme of 2018. We have already met with an Indian buyer who was a wholesaler and sole agent of international sportswear brands. A price list of 1,000 units per style was requested. Besides, a buyer from the Chinese mainland was interested in buying some of our designs. 


Simon Kuong, Founder & CEO
ANIFA Corporation Limited, Macao

  As part of our promotional campaign, we have participated in CENTRESTAGE for the first time to introduce our brand concept to the Chinese mainland and overseas buyers at the show. With a broader range of categories from collections for men, women and youths to causal wear, sportswear and children's wear, BALENO offers one-stop shopping experience for families who can purchase good quality of apparel at affordable prices within our stores. We are here to look for prospective franchisees which are current operators of multi-brand stores, store owners and professional licensees. Some walk-in visitors and buyers referred by the business matching service were met. They are mostly agents, store owners and operators of hypermarkets from Korea, India, the Middle East and Myanmar. We are satisfied with the quality of buyers who showed high potential for collaboration. Moreover, the dynamic of the show is felt through the exhibit space and booth layout.


Zack Kwok, Senior Wholesale Manager
Baleno, Hong Kong


We are an award-winning brand specializing in silk scarfs, dresses and textile art pieces. CENTRESTAGE is well-known to the industry in Thailand as an event for branding campaigns and marketplace for businesses. There is a good mix of exhibitors offering a high standard of products to the sector.
Brands here show their own uniqueness. Installations and decorations at the fairground are impressive. Our prospective buyers are mostly from Singapore and we are quite confident that one of them will place the order very soon. We also met with some walk-in European buyers who are interested in our designs. Hong Kong is undoubtedly Asia's fashion hub.


Mathayom Onchan, Founder 
Mathtara, Thailand


Established in 2015, we are one of the leading showrooms in Shanghai. At CENTRESTAGE, we have introduced some Shanghai brands. One of them offering a range of outwear has garnered the attention of buyers from Australia, Germany, India and the South East Asian countries. Aside from promoting brands, we have led a group of mainland buyers to the show for business matching. Many of them took a strong interest in one US brand built by a Korean designer. That designer's label is carried by an agency, namely nano-secc limited, among the exhibitors at CENTRESTAGE.


Kimi Fan, CEO
RV-PRO Showroom, Chinese Mainland 

  Founded in 2014, we are a Hong Kong showroom carrying 15 brands from Copenhagen of Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Turkey, the UK and US. The show is pretty cool that close to 50 business meetings with buyers were pre-arranged for us. Most buyers we met at the fairground come from the established standalone shops, boutiques and department stores in the Chinese mainland, Korea, Japan and Singapore. Our US brand by a Korean designer has been very popular among mainland buyers. New clients from Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen have already placed their orders on the second day of the events.


Flora Ho, Director
nano-secc limited, Hong Kong

  LeRêve is a brand of lingerie, sportswear and swimwear in French chic-style designed for Asian women. Our participation in CENTRESTAGE last year was very successful. We concluded several deals: setting up a pop-up shop at a department store in Singapore, collaborating with a Hong Kong showroom to promote our bra line and starting the online retail business with some e-commerce platforms in the Chinese mainland. This year at CENTRESTAGE, we find the quality of buyers is good that they are really our target buyers looking for lingerie and swimwear. So far we met buyers from boutiques in Thailand and Hong Kong, as well as many buyers from online shops run in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai and some cities in the central part of the mainland. 7 styles from our brand were presented in a mini-show during the event, which drew some buyers and journalists to our booth for a further glimpse.


Judy Chen, Marketing Manager
LeRêve Paris Inc., Taiwan