"In business for nearly four years, Sauvage Des is currently operating two boutique shops in Xian. We carry a host of local and international brands specialising in middle- to high-end women’s fashion. This is my first-ever visit to CENTRESTAGE to find new fashion brands. So far, I’ve found several brands offering attractive items including a Spanish brand listed by Kaleos Eyehunters, Thai brand NICHP for evening dresses and a Korean brand for casual wear. Two Australian women’s brands, namely ELLIATT and FINDERS KEEPERS, offered by Tudoo Showroom and a French designer’s collections are also appealing. Further negotiations will take place to select the most suitable items for the upcoming fall and winter. I am looking to place orders for at least RMB30,000 to RMB50,000 from each of the brands. MOQ for the French brand is higher at €30,000. CENTRESTAGE provides a solid platform to find new brands for our customers. The purchasing demand for well-designed fashion collections is very strong in Xian and I look forward to visiting the show again to enrich our offerings."

Zhang Jingfan, General Manager,
Sauvage Des, the Chinese mainland

"Founded in 2011, 3NY is running two boutique stores in SoHo and the west village of New York. With over 80 local and international brands on offer, we have established a strong clientele including many New York and overseas celebrities. We always travel all over the world to find something special for customers and this is my first visit to CENTRESTAGE to source new brands. On the first day of show, I’ve met with 5 designers from Hong Kong, Korea and Austria. An order worth about US$3,000 was already placed with Hong Kong brand LOOM LOOP for women’s outerwear, trousers and dressed. I will also conduct further talks with other designers such as Korean brand SINCLAIR and Austrian brand Tata Christiane for business development. This is a great show featuring a good variety of fashion collections. It’s well organised and the fairground has been nicely laid out. I’d love to visit the show again."

Marvin Revells Jr, Buyer,
3NY, the United States

"JOLi is a multi-label boutique for trendy fashion in Singapore. We always strive to bring more new fashion brands to meet the preferences of consumers. I am visiting CENTRESTAGE for the first time to find new designs and brands. The menswear collections of Japanese brand 1+1=3 Relax showcased by nano-secc showroom are quite attractive. Their designs are really nice and I love the fabrics that make it a delightful comfort wearing the collection. Items under negotiation include T shirts, jackets, trousers and short pants. We hope to distribute the brand in Singapore. This show has a lot on offer and provides a good meeting place to understand the latest fashion trends."

Aya Hanayama, Marketing Director,
JOLi Pte Ltd, Singapore

"Barneys Japan operates six Barneys New York flagship stores in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kobe and Fukuoka across Japan, selling a great variety of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. The brands we carry mainly come from Europe and the United States, followed by Japanese designer collections. This is my first visit to CENTRESTAGE to find new designer brands. I’ve found some interesting designs here. The menswear brand PURPLE showcased by nano-secc showroom looks really nice. I also like the women’s fashion designs of Hong Kong brands like ANGUS TSUI and Pat Guzik that blend well with special prints and quality fabrics. I will discuss further with our buying team in Japan to carry these new brands and explore collaboration with the designers to develop new collections. CENTRESTAGE is a perfect showcase of new designer brands and offers a good chance to understand the diverse fashion culture in Hong Kong."

Mitsuo Nakahashi, Merchandising Fashion Director,
Barneys Japan Co., Ltd., Japan

"With a history of about 10 years, Wonder Place is Korea’s biggest multi-brand fashion retailer. We currently operate a chain of 60 stores across the country selling a wide range of fashion and accessories. Major customers range from teenagers to those in their mid-20s. Besides Korean brands, we source overseas brands mainly through Korean distributors. CENTRESTAGE is an eye-opening experience for me, with so many brands and designers gathering here to explore business opportunities. So far, I’ve got in touch with 10 brands from different places including Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Italy. I like the menswear collections of Japanese brand 1+1=3 and another overseas brand SWATSKY. They boast good design and quality with a reasonable pricing. We expect to place orders worth about US$10,000 each with them in one month’s time, involving different items like T shirts, sweat shirts, jackets and pants."


Park Jerome, Senior Assistant,
Brand Development, Wonder Place, Korea

"D-unit is running, Korea’s leading fashion e-tailer, selling a wide range of fashion products. We offer over 700 brands on our online platform. About 80% of them are Korean brands and the remaining are overseas brands. I am visiting CENTRESTAGE for the first time to explore business cooperation with new designers. Several brands have been identified already such as CARBALI’s menswear and Lapeewee’s women’s collection, both from Hong Kong. Others include M)phosis from Singapore and I.N.K from Macau. We will look into the possibility of Korean KOLs and showbiz artists teaming with these designer brands to create online contents. We will also explore the licensing opportunities of Korean cartoon characters with Baleno Sports. These designer brands will send us more information about their collections and the pricing details. This is a professionally-run show and the fairground has been well designed."


Park Hyong Kyu, Director,
D-unit Co., Ltd, Korea

“Splash operates a total of 250 fashion retail stores in the United Arab Emirates and other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, India, Pakistan, Egypt and Tanzania. In UAE alone, we are running 52 stores. I’ve found some very nice collections at CENTRESTAGE including three Hong Kong brands, namely ANGUS TSUI, ARTISAN and Dorian Ho Collection. The designs showcased by Korean brands NAVY STUDIO and 235LABORATORY are also attracting. We are exploring cooperation to acquire their designs to sell under Splash brand in our stores. Further talks will be held with these brands for business development. CENTRESTAGE is an excellent show featuring a lot of promising designs. I hope to visit the show again to find even more brands.”


Mukesh Kumar, Buyer,
Splash, Landmark Gulf Group, the United Arab Emirates

“Global Link is a luxury fashion retailer in Vietnam currently operating 4 stores in Ho Chi Minh City and one store in Hanoi. We carry about 100 high-end and contemporary brands, mostly from Europe and the United States. I have found several young designer brands at CENTRESTAGE this year. The ready-to-wear collections of tibaeg and GREELILOUS from Korea are well designed. I really like the cutting and fabric materials used by HARRISON WONG in his latest designs, and the creative collections of ANGUS TSUI. REDEMPTIVE is an interesting brand I spotted at FASHIONALLY Presentation on the second day of the show. TAK LEE is another Hong Kong brand offering unique designs with good potential for development. I am looking forward to carrying the designs of HARRISON WONG and ANGUS TSUI that appear to be most suitable to our customers’ preferences. The show features even more promising design brands this year that meet our requirements. It like it very much.”


Vo Thu Trang, Vice Director,
Global Link Corporation, Vietnam

“In business for 5 years, Atvs Fashion is running a boutique store in Moscow, selling various collections and accessories of over 15 brands, mainly European brands. We strive to introduce something new to customers and CENTRESTAGE offers a good platform to source new designer brands. This is my first visit and I’ve already found some extraordinary jewellery from Korean brand NJLIDIA with very nice futuristic designs. I hope to distribute the brand in the Russian market. The jewellery items showecased by Thai brand ROCK Me Jewelry are also appealing. I am going to buy some pieces first to test customers’ feedback. Another brand that I like is L.I.S.A. Life IS an Attitude. Those men’s and women’s collections come in natural and stylish designs. I intend to place an order of 10-15 pieces at the start. I believe Asian brands will do very well in our market. This show is definitely the place to find new designer labels.”


Stanislava Kinakh, Buyer,
Atvs Fashion Group, Russia

“I am visiting CENTRESTAGE for the first time to find new designer brands for Galeries Lafayete in Paris. The show has some creative brands on offer. There are several potential brands from Korea and the Chinese mainland with whom we will explore business development. BOHO RAINWEAR from Korea has some nice raincoats and NAVY STUDIO, also from Korea, offers menswear with fits and styles. The women’s collections presented by Ms MIN from the mainland are of good quality. At the show, Ms MIN showcased their latest designs for winter. We are now sourcing for the 2019 summer season and will negotiate with them for new designs. This show has been well organised and it’s easy to find the brands we are looking for.”


Marie Duguet, Womenswear Buyer, 
Galeries Lafayete, France



“Temporary Showroom is a fashion concept store in Berlin with 20 international brands. We have been in business for 10 years offering high-end collections to customers. This is my first visit to CENTRESTAGE. I’ve met with 5 brands through the business matching service and 3 brands appear to be quite interesting. LEDÔME SHOWROOM from Korea is showcasing some nice designs at reasonable prices. The unisex collections of RE’VAN from Hong Kong look attractive while JUTHATIP from Thailand displays some organic or handmade fabrics for sustainable fashion designs. The CENTRESTAGE ELITES opening gala show on the first day was an exciting show. I am most interested in the simplistic designs of Ms MIN and will pursue business opportunities with them. CENTRESTAGE is very well organised and serves as a good place to find new designer brands.”


Martin Premužić, Buyer/Owner, 
Temporary Showroom, Germany



“Headquartered in Guangzhou, ODPlaza seeks to provide a wide range of fashion items to the Chinese mainland consumers through the online platform and physical stores. We currently operate 7 stores in different cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Changsha. We are visiting CENTRESTAGE for the second consecutive year to find something new and special with the focus on accessories. Two Italian brands have come to my attention in particular. We love the great variety of men’s socks showcased by COLLIROSSI. The socks are made of silk and cashmere with very nice design and prints. SGUARDI is offering high-quality stockings for women with luxurious packaging that will stand out in our portfolio. We’vebought some samples from the two brands to test customers’ response and will place bigger orders later. CENTRESTAGE is really a great show to attend. We are happy with the results.”


Daisy Zhou, Assistant to CEO, 
ODPlaza, the Chinese mainland



“Persuade is a high fashion store in Bilbao of Spain. With a history of over 30 years, we specialise in high-quality brands from Europe, Japan and other places of the world. Besides men’s and women’s collections, our store offers designer furniture and jewellery. CENTRESTAGE is a good show to find some quality brands. I am now in touch with Ms MIN from the Chinese mainland that showcases high-quality and well-designed women’s collections. The fabrics they use are very nice. We will feature the brand in our store. Quality is our primary concern. The success of Ms MIN is testimony to the fact that we can get good quality designs from the Chinese mainland. I look forward to visiting this show again to source more brands from Hong Kong and the mainland.”


Andrea Mendieta Orrantia, Buyer,
Persuade, Spain

 “ is an online fashion store in business for about one year in Germany. We have a showroom in Munich. This is my first visit to CENTRESTAGE to source new designs in fashion and accessories. I really like the sunglasses presented by Hong Kong brand INNIKAILI and will make it a partner for business development. I expect to purchase at least 3 models involving about 1,000 pairs of sunglasses. I have also identified a brand from the Chinese mainland offering very nice fake fur collections. We will discuss further to do business. This show features a lot of young designers with so much talent, and many beautiful collections. I will visit the show again to source more brands and products.”


Annette-Alice Weber, Founder,, Germany

“Living_9 is Myanmar’s biggest fashion retailer operating a chain of 12 stores under the brand of 119 Fashion Complex in the capital city of Yangon, with a new store opening next month. Our first store came into operation in 1987. We are visiting CENTRESTAGE for the first time to find new designer brands to enhance our sales offerings. So far, we are negotiating with two brands for distributorship rights including Hong Kong brand Celeste Lingerie Collection for women’s underwear and Korean brand LONG PLAYING RECORD for menswear. We also like Baleno Sports and will discuss with them about consignment-based business in our stores. At Designers’ Collection Show 1 on the second day of the show, we found Taiwanese brand CHENG PAI CHENG’s elegant ladies’ evening gowns very attractive and will pursue business cooperation with the designer. This show is definitely a good place to source new brands.”


Kyaw Thiha Lwin (left), Director, 
Win Kyaw Htike (right), Director, 
Living_9 Co., Ltd, Myanmar

“Isetan Mitsukoshi is a leading department store operator in Japan. We are now running 6 Isetan stores and over 10 Mitsukoshi stores across the country. I am pleased to have found some new designer brands at CENTRESTAGE to enhance our portfolio. The ladies’ wear collections showcased by ECHTEGO featured by nano-secc. LIMITED and Korean brand tibaeg are lovely. I like their dresses, blouses and skirts. Talks will be held to explore consignment-based cooperation with them. At CENTRESTAGE Elites opening gala show on the first day, the stylish designs of IDISM and the elegant collection of Ms MIN drew a lot of interest. I will discuss with merchandising colleagues in Japan to pursue business development. Hong Kong brand FromClothingOf also has good potential. CENTRESTAGE is a solid platform to source new designer brands and I hope to see it grow each year.”


Terasawa Mari, Buyer, 
Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd., Japan