Green Tips


Green Tips

During the four-day event, it is hoped that visitors would respond and contribute to the Show’s appeal for environmental protection to make the CENTRESTAGE a green spotlight.

Go Paperless and Download Event Info before You Visit
Event materials like guide map, coupons and leaflet are made available on websites for you to download.

Bring Your Own Bottle
Drinking machines are available inside the show venue. Please be environmental friendly and bring your own bottle.

Green Travel
Visit the CENTRESTAGE together using public transport. This would help reduce the production of exhaust gas, thereby reduce air pollution.

Waste Recycle
Categorised waste recycle bins are placed inside the Show venue. Please treasure our resources and support waste recycle.

Sharing the Love for Forests
During and after the Show you must be eager to share many photos with your friends but please try to do so through your blogs or e-mails in order to reduce paper consumption thus contributing to the protection of our forests.

To make CENTRESTAGE a greener trade fair, exhibitors are encouraged to follow the green tips for booth construction, set up, operation and post-event management.