Free Business Information & Facilities


Looking for free internet access, business facilities or quality trade information?

Come visit the HKTDC SME Centre located at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
The HKTDC SME Centre provides:

Business Facilities & Professional Service

  • Wi-Fi and internet access (FREE)
  • Email stations (FREE)
  • Workstations for word-processing (FREE)

(** advance booking is required)

  • Fax machine (FREE)
  • Photocopiers and printers
  • One-on-one China Business Advisory service (FREE)**



A Wealth of Business Information

The Business Library is categorised into 3 major zones, namely SME Start-up, China Business and Global Markets



SME Start-up

China Business

Global Markets

  • Hong Kong Reference
  • Hong Kong Statistics
  • Start-up Guidebooks
  • Planning and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Branding
  • Business Management
  • Reference and Toolbooks
  • General Reference
  • China Statistics
  • Trade Directories
  • Telephone Books
  • Trade Fair Catalogues
  • Project & Investment
  • Industry and Provincial Yearbooks
  • Region/Country Information
  • Periodicals
  • General Reference
  • Foreign Statistics
  • Product/Service Industries
  • Trade Directories
  • Telephone Books
  • Trade Fair Catalogues
  • Technology Collection


You are most welcome to drop by and experience the FREE one-stop business service here!

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday


Sunday & Public Holidays  

10am – 6pm

12noon – 4pm


Location: Ground Level, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 1830 668