Brands - 2019



Feb Dec-sign Ltd


Chau Fung Li




Rm C, 6/F, World Trust Tower, Trust World Trust, Hong Kong

Feb Dec-sign Limited is a design company established in 2016 in Hong Kong.

The director of the company, Ivan, Chaufung Li, is a Hong Kong Designer dedicating to ladies' high fashion. Studies and worked in a metropolitan where east meets west, Ivan was equipped with thorough understanding of Chinese and western garment cultures, which fully demonstrated throughout his designs.

With over 14 years of fashion design experience in renowned local and international companies such as Chine Belgian design, Ports1961, Naersiling...Ivan is passionate in the search of high quality materials and inventive designs. Each and every piece of the collection highlights his endless pursuit or precious detailing.

In 2017, ChaufungLi was launched in Hong Kong and has been recognised the concept f grace and luxury. Harmonic, modern and lively qualities are manifested in the collection, allowing consumers the ability to stand out, and be different by expressing their own culture and personality through what they wear