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Designer: Polly Ho
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3B-A57

Loom Loop Fall/Winter 2017 collection is inspired by the Chinese legend tragic love story, the Weaver Girl and the Cowherd.

Apart from the normal graphic with a lot of magpie drawings, Loom Loop also tried to arouse the local childhood memories with the manipulation of the cow graphic of Vita Chocolate Milk.

The Milk IC Pouch is a special collaboration project with Vitasoy Chocolate Milk.

The colour palette is a juxtaposition of this legend story with navy and dark forest colour.


Company: Anonymous Fashion Studio Limited
Country/Region: Macau
Booth no.: 3B-A16

The designers graduated from CPTTM Fashion Design and Manufacturing Diploma Program, and set up Anonymous Fashion Studio Ltd and the brand AXOXYXOXS in 2013.

AXOXYXOXS' design accents details and originality without sacrificing being wearable and easy mix & match.

Inspired by the theme of CITY VAGABOND, the SS17 collection conveys an uncompromising attitude and ambition for change.

Instead of grunge style or unkempt look, this collection adopts long and lean or sack-like silhouette while manipulating playful knot, raw edge, delicate folds, softly falling drape and haphazard crinkles, to convey floppy yet poised, spontaneous yet sober characteristics of urban woman.

The cocoon-shaped crinkled wool-blend peacoat is detailed with shrinking pleats on the tapered hem and crinkles on the sleeves.

While the long and lean silhouette of the overlapping dress is formed by a box pleat shift dress overlapping a crew neck top. Panels by directional seams make a statement of this minimalist piece.

Brand: DEMO

Company: Demofashion
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3B-A58

DEMO’s Spring Summer 2017 collection was inspired by the novel Brideshead Revisited written by Evelyn Waugh.

This menswear collection is characterised by its bold velvety siennas and subtly provoking blues, and by its familiar but effective incorporation of monochromatic colours.

The collection boldly dives headfirst into the world of the androgynous, seeking to unbutton the modern man from the restraints of gendered fashion.

Socks are an integral parts of a gentleman’s ensemble. A pair of sock garter can keep your sock up and stylish.

With a seasonal change in a classical design of sock garter, a pair of garters becomes a signature accessory in DEMO.


Designer: Vickie Au
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3C-B36

HOUSE OF V’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection is inspired by Dutch artist M.C. Escher’s art with clear black and white contrast and accurate characterizations of lines, which interprets complex deformation structures of the fantasy.

HOUSE OF V reflects Escher’s contrast in this season’s fabric and colors: strong wool coat with soft comfortable cashmere jacket, natural silk and thick Japanese rayon dress, give the rigid a harmonic sense.

In addition to black and white base color, simple and bright colors such as the intellectual dark green and blue, the holiday must-have dark red, together with unique geometric prints, it expresses thoroughly the contemporary women’s fashion sense.

This white / red silk cotton printed shirt dress adopts the exclusive geometric prints - houndstooth as inspiration.

It can be worn alone or wear as a jacket to create different look.


Company: Kaen Design House Company
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3C-B46

The latest FW2017 Men’s pre collection “Error 404 Mood Not Found” is inspired by the phenomenon “workers are not into a working mood”.

Geometric and structured shapes were found in outdoor object’s functions and materials in a natural manner.

Its practical design with two side pockets and removable sleeve pocket makes this regular fit shirt perfectly appropriate either at work or for leisure.

Double slider zipper allows free-adjustment that can either form a formal work-wear or relaxing causal wear.


Designer: Takeshi Kitazawa, Emiko Sato
Country/Region: Japan
Booth no.: 3C-A25

The Fall/ Winter 2017 collection of DRESSEDUNDRESSED made its debut in Tokyo Fashion Week.

The collection focuses on tailoring and subtle details that would not be easily missed.

The Stripe Split Collar XXL Polo Shirt is designed with a split collar with stripes in different pitches, and spectacular neck, hem, cuffs, knitting specifications.

The brand was nominated by Franca Sozzani from VOGUE Italy in 2013 as one of six finalists for the International Woolmark Prize, of which Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld were picked from this competition for their gateway to success in their careers as well.

Brand: ASTRA Tailoring

Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3C-B55

ASTRA Tailoring is a new up-and-coming menswear label with one goal in mind to support the designers' shared passion for shirting and environmental sustainability.

Their debut collection “Modus Vivendi” means “mode of living” in Latin. The designers utilize the sharp tailoring, textured jacquard fabric, and unique color palettes to reflect the balance between sophistication, ease, youthfulness and confidence, bringing quality style with an inexplicable, full-of-energy feeling.

The suiting is proudly made with zero-waste design and up-cycled vintage dead stock fabrics, aiming to eliminate the waste from the oversaturated fashion industry and protect our green spaces.

Unlike the traditional 4-hole button, the brand makes use of a series of laser engraved 3-hole buttons to align with the logo of ASTRA Tailoring.

The 3D-printed seasonal floral pattern on the lining artfully embellishes the suiting, creating another idiosyncrasy of the label.


Company: Catwalk88 Holdings Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3B-A51

The A/W17 collection is inspired by the designers’ travel to Scotland, Castle Augill, and takes historical elements from the Victorian era which juxtaposes with a modern contemporary touch.

The collection is entitled “Eternal Empress” which explores the inner sensuality while liberating the body.

The Catherine Antique Lace Details Midi Dress is modernised for a contemporary women look.

The high collars, ruffles and trims reference the past while the softness of the lace are modern interpretations of the modern and empowered woman.

Delicate lace fabric is contrasted with velvet and crepe de chine by intricate fabric manipulation techniques. The collection empowers the wearer with subtle confidence.

Brand: DorisKath

Company: DorisKath
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3B-A47

The theme of Doris Kath’s 2017/18 FW collection is “Door”. Inspired by the inner world of autism patient, the collection expresses how an autism patient defeats the criticism by normal people.

The pleated details and striped fabrics resemble the stubborn and rigid characteristics of autism patient.

The see-through layer represents the mysterious inner world of autism patient which could not be simply decoded.

This collection was launched in CHIC 2017 in March.

Brand: Harrison Wong

Designer: Harrison Wong
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3C-B63

Harrison Wong’s 2017 Fall/Winter Collection – “Modern Monastic” is inspired by the spare, austere cut of monastic robes which ironically evoke both venerable tradition and, at the same time, a sly sense of stark modernity.

“Modern Monastic " is a fine mix of textured fabrics, modern patterns, expertly-layered and long silhouettes.

The scarf with the slogan “I Am Not Your Father” tied with a belt to reflect a hidden bold idea in the subtly designed outfit.

The collection maintains the monochrome colour palette to reflect the designer's solemn approach to the collection.

Brand: anagram

Company: Anagram International Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth no.: 3C-A02
Zone: GLAM

The design inspiration for this collection is based on the works of American sculptor, Alexander Calder, who focuses on elements of moving sculptures that are delicately balanced and suspended.

The art pieces of Alexander emphasize a lot of irregular shapes and patterns so our collection reflects the use of these elements.

Using silk weave embellished with eyelet details, the irregular cutting and natural coral color perfectly demonstrate the image of ancient sculptor.